16 September 2016

The Enchanted Forest Baby Dress

Summer is finishing, the blues give place to brown, dark red, mustard, orange. Autumn is arriving with the fall of the leaves, Thanksgiving and Halloween.
It's a magic time, the season with the warmest and most beautiful colors, nature is amazing. I think Fall looks like a fairytale, an enchanted forest. And the smell after the first drops of rain?
In the kitchen the marmalades are on the stove, it's time to eat apple pie. Grandma is knitting an enchanted baby dress for Ava.

An Autumn baby dress

A closer view

A little detail

You can find this baby dress in my Etsy shop tenderblue, as well as the cute rattle, from Tiny Fox Hole

Do you know why we use the word Fall when referring to the Autumn season?

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