14 June 2013

My Friday Night Outfit

   Today is my husband's birthday and I loved to be with him.
   Well, in dreams, today I'm in Ghana.

   1. Secret Pal
   2. natartg
   3. DDSLLGirlsStore
   4. realfaery
   5. James Rowland Shop

   If you want to see more Friday Night Outfits go to Star of the East blog.

   Some photos that he has sent to me:


  1. Beautiful picks! Happy birthday to your husband - I wish you will be able to celebrate the next one together!

  2. Oh, THanks a lot! Awesome colours!
    Also, I love the pictures your hubby sent to you.

  3. Very beautiful finds and Happy Birthday to your husband!

  4. Great outfit!

    beautiful pictures and my best wishes to your family. I hope to be again together soon with your hubby!

  5. Beautiful! Happy birthday to your husband, and may you be in each other's dreams :)

  6. You have a great sense of colour and style! Happy Birthday to your husband!! (my husband's birthday is tomorrow ;-)
    Hope you can celebrate together soon!

  7. Congrats with your husband. I love that clutch, very stylish!

  8. That skirt is so elegant! Congrats with your husband and I hope he has a great time even without you.


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