16 April 2013

A Portuguese word - Saudade

   As some of you know, my husband had to go to Ghana to work. This was not an option. Nobody
   leaves his wife, sons, parents, friends and more, at his own will, I think. Things are bad here in Portugal.
   He lost his job and he couldn't get another one here but I don't want to talk about that.

   And so we have 4000 kilometers between us, 3 to 4 visits per year, and here she comes: Saudade.
   Saudade of those who have to go. Saudade of those who remain. The empty place at the table, the
   bed that is way too big just for me, the laughter that is not heard, the guitar that does not sound ...
   One day at a time.
   Believing that everything is going to get better.
   Always Believing!

    The distance between two persons
  is not measured in km,
  but in missed hugs.

  Nicole, Ossimors Tsssics.

  Illustrazione: Kinga Rofusz

  Source: Una piccola ape furibonda


  1. Life is like that sometimes. Harsh and cruel.

    Wishing you a quick and permanent reunion.

  2. I hope you are reunited with your husband soon! Sending hugs :)

  3. Beautiful post, beautiful drawing!
    Much luck, you will survive, and will make the love stronger and sweeter!

  4. Beautiful, moving post, I wish you a speedy reunion and many many true hugs to come

  5. This is so touching... I am sorry you guys have to stay apart... Hope life will soon bring you back together. My warmest hugs!

  6. beautiful

    I wish you to meet again very very soon. :)

  7. Susana: (((hugs))) and I wish a speedy reunion.

  8. There will be better days!!! Keep faith!! ((((((((((hugs)))))))))))

  9. Beautiful post. That would be so difficult. Thinking of you!

  10. Ohh Susana, big ((((HUGS))))!!!! I hope everything will be better soon!
    I love your post! You wrote a beautiful way!

  11. Oh Susana... I bet your hearts are closer than you can imagine!
    Hope he will be back to you soon.. who knows.


  12. I hope things get better soon and that you can be all together!!


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