03 July 2012

Etsy finds

Look what I have found!

For the mother

TwinkleTwinkleStudio by Zoe Loomis

  I am a mother. I have chosen to live in the middle of nowhere. My 
  studio is hard to find. I am inspired by fireflies at night, swimming 
  holes on back roads, open hills, faded paint, simple beauty, and 
  sunshine on bare feet. I use natural and vintage textiles to create 
  things of beauty. 

  Birdie Handmade goods are meant to be loved and to last for years 

  and years. Nothing disposable. Nothing mass produced. Honest, 
  beautiful clothing for those of us who can still see magic in everyday 
  I'm in love, and you?


  1. Lovely finds :) ! I especially love the first dress !

  2. These are real natural things of beauty and I love them!

  3. Oh man, those are simply adorable!

  4. Oh these little dresses are so sweet! I love the mix of fabrics. :)

  5. I love your finds, Susana!
    This is a treasure : ))

    Thanks for sharing. xo.


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