04 June 2012

My Wedding Anniversary

Today is a special day, it's my wedding anniversary, 17 years and two wonderful sons.

My wedding dress was designed by me when I was 9 

The result

The silver box where I took the wedding rings, belonged to my
 grandmother, and some flowers from the wedding cake that I still have.


  1. Happy anniversary!
    The dress is absolutely adorable, and has those ribbons <3 Absolutely fantastic!
    I wish you all the best >:D<

  2. Happy anniversary!! So lovely to see how you still have the drawing!
    It looks like a very beautiful dress. :)

  3. Happy anniversary!
    Your wedding dress is gorgeous with all the bows!!!!

  4. Happy anniversary! What fun to actually have a dress made after your own design! And one you created at the age of 9! :) I never thought of my wedding when I was a kid :D

  5. WOW! Happy anniversary! I love the fact that you had a wedding dress that you designed when you were a child! Wishing you lots of happiness!

  6. HAppy anniversary!

    The Wedding dress is so beautiful and a great story too!

  7. Happy anniversary! All my best wishes to you and your husband!!!

  8. Happy anniversary!

    Great story about your beautiful wedding dress!

  9. Wow! This is like a little girl's dream! And the most amazing thing it's that the one you had actualy came true! I am so happy for you Susana and i wish you many many years of hapiness with your family!

  10. This post is so sweet.
    Happy Anniversary.
    The dress is adorable.

  11. WOOOW Happy anniversary! And it's so touching you really had the dress you were dreaming of! COMGRATS!!!!!!!!!

  12. Happy anniversay, Susana!
    Oh dear, I wasn't thinking I had got married when I was 9 y.o... it is really amazing you did and you already had in mind how your dress would be : )

    Wish you the best to you and your lovely family!


  13. Wow, this is truly a lovely story, the kind you only see in the movies... I wish i would have designed my wedding dress as a kid. Great dress and idea!
    Happy anniversary!

  14. Happy Anniversary! Lovely dress! and a wonderful legacy about the design of it and your grandma.

  15. Happy Anniversary!!
    I love that you designed your wedding dress at 9 (awesome drawing by the way)! It looks so gorgeous!

  16. Que lindo, Susana! O vestido era de facto fantástico! Um sonho realizado!

    Parabéns aos quatro!


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